Who I am - Tom DuBois Bio

This interview by the Palo Alto Weekly captures some of my life that shaped who I am. I've had a rich life for which I am thankful.  Life experiences shape who we are and give us the wisdom we bring to everything we do, including the City Council.   We are shaped by the people in our lives, the places we've lived and the achievements we've had. 

The people in my life have made me who I am.  Both of my parents have been a huge influence and instilled me with a strong value system.  There are so many who've touched my life - my brother and sister, my teachers, boy scout leaders, coaches,  pastors, my colleagues and friends.

I've lived in a lot of places which gives me a broad perspective on the world.  I grew up in Ohio, lived all over the US and the World (Europe and Asia).  I've lived in Palo Alto longer than anywhere else.

I've consistently set goals for myself and held to a high standard - high school valedictorian, National Merit Scholar, triple major undgrad, Magna Cum Laude in grad school.  A successful high tech career - company founder,  entrepreneur and CEO with successful IPOs and acquisitions under my belt.  Most imortantly, I've been a dedicated father and family man and I care deeply about my community. 

If you want a sense of me as a person and my values, I'd say I have Midwest values and California dreams.  I hope you get a sense of who I am by watching this video. 


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