Take the Traffic Pledge


Traffic congestion is a major issue for quality of life in Palo Alto.  Most of recent projects have focused too much on alternate modes of travel and too little on vehicle congestion.  While a noble goal, the result has been steady worsening of traffic.

Palo Alto has one of the highest commuting populations in the country and needs to adjust its policies accordingly.  

If re-elected, I pledge to do the following for the next two (2) years to help us catch-up:

  1. I will not support major road projects that do not prioritize improving vehicle flow UNLESS there is a demonstrated high safety risk supported by data.
  2. I will active seek out and advocate for road projects that decrease delays at key intersections and decrease backup on key roadways (not just move traffic elsewhere).
  3. I will set a high bar for small projects that decrease vehicular roadway capacity (such as clear safety issues).
  4. I will advocate for commuter transportation improvements such as transportation centers near 280 for the Research Park and possibly Highway 101.  
  5. Prioritize a focus on separation of vehicles from other modes of transportation, guided by a clear hierarchy of our roadways (expressways, arterials, and local streets).
  6. I will not vote for any traffic calming trial unless it includes pre-trial, during and post, trial traffic counts in the surrounding neighborhoods in order to determine negative impacts to surrounding neighborhood streets.
  7. Utilize the latest technologies and legal precedents to minimize traffic cut through in neighborhoods by services such as Waze.
  8. Work with the community to implement our preferred approaches to grade separations and improve our current separations.


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