Candidate Principles 

If you elect me to Palo Alto City Council, my decisions will be guided by the answer to this question:

Will this choice make living in Palo Alto more enjoyable for residents, or less?


I pledge to follow these principles: 

Reverse the trend of overdevelopment.

Moderate the pace of change.

Work to fix existing problems of housing, traffic, parking, pollution, and safety.   

Consider the incremental impacts of any proposed new developments..

Institute measurement systems that gather valid, real-time, ongoing data to

                        --understand the effect of any choice, and

                        --monitor the effects of choices made.

Require transparent, objective, and resident-centered processes and services from City government.

Support decisions that improve our excellent schools at all levels.

Protect and improve our tree canopy, gardens, parks, and open spaces.

Stop development giveaways 

                                                               ---- Tom DuBois