Cooley Landing Opening in East Palo Alto

Wonderful event today in East Palo Alto as the city and Midpen Regional Open Space celebrated the opening of the Environmental Education center.  It is a terrific building and a very scenic location - check it out if you've never been.  There is a trail that goes past the Palo Alto airport that will take you there.



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Who's Against Change?

Change is necessary.  Here is an interesting article on the forces of supply and demand in the Bay Area, which have led to differing views on the pace of growth.  I'm firmly in the camp that believes we need more thoughtful growth.  Market forces are pushing at a pace that is overwhelming our infrastructure and our local government's ability to ensure quality of life is protected.   

From the article "Three basic forces are driving the Bay Area’s housing prices upward: growth, affluence, and inequality. Three other things make matters worse: finance, business cycles, and geography. All of these operate on the demand side of the equation, and demand is the key to the runaway housing market."  In Palo Alto, we've also had a near runaway office space market, with office densities and office locations not contemplated in the city's plan.

Read the article here


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Progress on Aircraft noise

Thanks to SkyPosse and our friends in Santa Cruz for continuing to advance this issue.  I'm fully supportive and working within the city of Palo Alto to have the FAA adjust these flight paths.

Recent update from Santa Cruz citizens group below.

If you want to lend your support, register with Skyposse

You can find information from the Santa Cruz perspective here  

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Please Support Family Supportive Housing

Family Supportive Housing provides families with warm and safe shelter, goal oriented services, and fresh and healthy meals, so they can achieve independent lives.   It is the only shelter in Santa Clara County that keeps families intact, allowing legal guardians and their children to stay together at a challenging time for their family.   As rents skyrocket here, an increasing number of families are experiencing periods of homelessness. 

Please help by attending the main annual fundraiser, the Soup Kitchen Dinner on Thurs, Nov 5th or make a donation.  Questions?  Contact: Bianca Vallorz at408-926-8885


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Moving People and Bits

I was interviewed by the Palo Alto Weekly on Sept 18th about the proposed Santa Clara Sales tax and the possibility of Fiber to the premise (FTTP) in Palo Alto.  The Fiber discussion starts 18 minutes in.  The FFTTP/Broadband discussion is coming to Council on Sept. 28th.  Drop me an email and let me know what you think.

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Open Positions on Palo Alto Boards and Commissions

The City of Palo Alto is recruiting for seven open positions on its board and commissions.  If you ever wanted to get more involved, this is a good chance.  Please consider serving on one of these boards:

Architectural Review Board  Three terms ending December 15, 2018 – Application

Parks & Recreation Commission – Three terms ending December 15, 2018 – Application

Planning & Transportation Commission – One term ending December 15, 2019 - Application

Applications are due on August 26, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

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Don't Stop Believin' - Palo Alto Summer Concerts

Be good to yourself and come to the Palo Alto summer concerts!   This weekend it's a Journey cover band but you can have it any way you want it with good acts scheduled for the rest of the summer.  Come faithfully before the party's over and enjoy.  I can't promise any lovin', touchin' or squeezin' but better to come than to be the one who's crying now.

Ok - how many Journey song titles did I work in?


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Home for the Holidays

There are 10 dogs and over 20 cats anxiously awaiting adoption before the end of the year at the Palo Alto Animal Shelter.  

If you can't adopt a pet, please consider donating to the Friends of Palo Alto Animal Shelter 




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What They Do VS What They Say


For an incumbent, what you accomplish in office has to be the yardstick by which you are measured.  People should take pride in the legacy of their votes.   And as a councilmember you vote on all types of issues.

Groups, like the League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Santa Clara Democrats, and Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning (PASZ), all evaluate candidates based on their platform and the votes important to them.  The League publishes a scorecard nationally on votes on issues they care about.  PASZ provided a similar service, using comparable methodology to score our local representatives on the votes important to PASZ.  Palo Alto Weekly coverage can be found here.

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It's a Clean Sweep - Palo Alto Daily News Endorses

Now if the Giants can just win the World Series!

I am pleased to be endorsed by the Palo Alto Daily News, part of the Mercury News organization.  With the Daily News endorsement, I have been endorsed by all of Palo Alto's newspapers.   You can read the Daily News endorsement here and the Palo Alto Weekly endorsement here.  The Daily Post doesn't allow online access without a fee, but I will try to post excerpts of the Post endorsement as well.

Newspaper endorsements are important because the journalists have been actively tracking the issues in the city, and understand the complexities and challenges.  They rigorously interview all candidates and them make their recommendations. It's an interesting vetting process and I am proud to have earned all 3 endorsements.

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World Journal Article on Palo Alto Election


Got a nice write up in the World Journal - international Chinese newspaper, in the San Francisco Bay area section.

Read the article here



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Endorsed by the Palo Alto Weekly


The Palo Alto Weekly endorsed me for City Council on Thursday, Oct 9th, saying that "We're supporting Holman, DuBois and Filseth because we think their strong views on limiting development reflect those of a large number, if not majority, of Palo Altans."

read the whole article here

Details about my interview with the Weekly is here.



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Endorsed by Palo Alto Daily Post


The Palo Alto Daily Post endorsed me for City Council on Monday, Oct 6th, saying of the non-incumbents running, only three were ready for primetime - Myself, Lydia Kou and Eric Filseth.

On Thursday, Oct 9th, the Post ran a follow-up article, using some of the information from the endorsement interviews.  The question was about Arastradero being narrowed from 2 lanes in each direction to 1 lane in each direction.  I've given this a lot of thought, as I've heard from residents on both sides of the issue.  I'd like to explore taking bikes off Arastradero completely and using a bike trail on the south side and Maybell and other roads to the north side.  Given the traffic funnelling through there, my intuition is we need to get bikes off that road and widen it back to where it was.

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Endorsed by Diana Diamond of Mercury News, Daily News


Last night was the League of Women Voter's City Concil Forum.  Today I was pleased to see Diana Diamond has endorsed me.  From the Mercury News web site:

Diana Diamond column:

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Rotary Forum a Success

Thanks to the Palo Alto Rotary Club for hosting, and to Diana Diamond for moderating an excellent forum today.  It's not easy to have a meaningful discussion with 12 candidates in a short time, but she managed to do it.

Coverage of the event by the Palo Alto Weekly


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