Garage for Cal Ave Area Opening Soon

Excited to see that the new parking garage for the Cal Ave district will be opening soon.  When the pandemic ends, we'll have a place to move commuter intrusion out of the neighborhoods!



Opening soon!

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Palo Alto Values?


Rarely have I seen a political hit piece so offensive in a local election.  

A local school board or city council is a non-partisan race and serving is an act of public service.

While I don’t agree with all of the 10 candidates running for City Council this year, I respect their willingness to serve.  Nearly all of them are Democrats but that shouldn’t matter - a local council is about positions on local issues that the voters care about.  That’s why party affiliations are not listed and it’s not a slate of Dems vs Republicans.  It's non-partisan. 

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Election Comic of the Day (Nov5)

It'll soon be time for all those yard signs to disappear!  If you have one of my signs, please recycle it on Nov 7.

Don't forget to vote!


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Election Comic of the Day (Nov 2)

Time to have a little fun.  Hopefully you've seen one of my signs around town (so I'll have your vote  ).
But seriously this election is too important to the future of our city - educate yourself on the issues that candidates are willing to stand for and vote!


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News You Can Trust

Very pleased to see the San Jose Mercury News endorsed me this morning!  Merc.png
I was endorsed along with Eric Filseth and Alison Cormac. You can read the full endorsement here.

Our area newspapers have interviewed us, analyzed our actions, and talked to members of the community and have all come to the same conclusion.  The Palo Alto Daily Post, the Palo Alto Weekly, Diana Diamond and now the Mercury News all agree.

palo_alto_matters.pngIn addition to all of these publications, we are blessed to have a very thoughtful and balanced local newsletter, Palo Alto Matters (click here to read).  While not making endorsements, their analysis is thorough and illuminating.  I urge voters to read their analysis and in depth review of the voting records of the three incumbents.  It paints an accurate picture of what actually happened these last four years, rather than storylines some try to paint.

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Another Endorsement - Diana Diamond

Another journalist endorsement - this time by Diana Diamond who used to write for the Daily News and now has a blog on the Palo Alto Weekly web site.  


Diana had this to say:

Council endorsements – It’s good we’ve cut the city council size down from nine to seven – there will be fewer members that for some reason feel obligated to opine on every agenda item and force the meetings to run into early 1 a.m. hours. But with three incumbents and only two newcomers running, the choice is a narrow one. I heartily endorse incumbents Eric Filseth and Tom DuBois, both of whom are knowledgeable, actually try to solve some problems, and are on top of many issues (like the escalating costs of city employee pensions). I also endorse Alison Cormack, but with a bit of hesitation. She claims she is for slow-growth (this council is now divided 5-4 into more growth vs. slow growth) but she is supported by several pro-growthers and seems to waffle between both sides. Incumbent Cory Wolbach is clearly a pro-growth person (I am not), while Pat Boone, a newcomer, seems like a nice guy but needs to study community issues in more detail to learn the complexities of, say, solving traffic problems.

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Traffic Town Hall

We heard from a lot of people last night at the Traffic Townhall, and I took away several interesting ideas.  We need to keep a focus on the issue and look for ways to reduce congestion.  One speaker brought up issues with private busses and large trucks, larger than allowed on our streets, blocking traffic.  With no shortage of ideas, we need to prioritize our approach.  While continuing programs to increase mobility and have fewer commuters in single occupancy vehicles, we also need to look at programs that will reduce congestion and increase flow.

Click here to see video overage from ABC News

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Back by Palo Alto Residents




While I am pleased to be supported by organizations such as the Sierra Club based on my environmental record and to be endorsed by many elected officials, the endorsements that mean the most to me are from the residents of Palo Alto.  Check out my endorsement page here to see some of the people that are supporting me in my re-election bid.


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Endorsed by Congresswoman Eshoo

Anna Eshoo has served the citizens of the Peninsula well in Congress.  She has carved out strong positions on Human Rights, Immigration, National Security, Technology and Energy. I'm proud to have her represent me in Congress and very pleased to have her endorsement in my run for re-election to Palo Alto Council.    
"I am proud to support Tom DuBois for Palo Alto City Council. Tom listens, leads and achieves sound solutions to the complex challenges facing Palo Alto."
- Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
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Endorsed by Palo Alto Daily Post

postlogo.gifI am pleased to be endorsed by the Palo Alto DailyPost.  I have been endorsed by both of Palo Alto's newspapers.   

Newspaper endorsements are important because the journalists have been actively tracking the issues in the city, and understand the complexities and challenges.  They rigorously interview all candidates and them make their recommendations. It's an interesting vetting process and I am proud to have earned both of these endorsements based on my voting record and actions these last four years.

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Endorsed by the Weekly

weekly_logo.gifI was endorsed for re-election by the Palo Alto Weekly on Oct 12.

My endorsement interview is here and a biographical interview can be seen here.

In endorsing the Weekly said: 

"In evaluating the other four candidates, we believe Filseth and DuBois best reflect the prevailing community concerns about the need for restrictive commercial growth measures; new housing development that is focused on below-market-rate, subsidized rental housing for service workers, seniors and low-income residents; and the implementation of policies that increase housing supply without exacerbating existing parking and traffic problems.

These two realize, as do most Palo Altans, that our past policies have worsened the jobs-housing imbalance and helped fuel increased housing costs: By allowing much more commercial development (which has spurred the need for housing) than housing development, the problem has only gotten worse with every approved project.

They have largely been in sync in supporting lowered commercial-growth caps and higher housing-impact fees on new development so that more funding is available for the development of subsidized housing. They both opposed the council's moves to eliminate the cap on non-residential development downtown from the Comprehensive Plan and to loosen the annual 50,000-square-foot office cap by allowing unused square footage to "roll over" from one year to the next.

Both DuBois and Filseth support the recent efforts to encourage the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to boost the inventory of small housing units but have expressed frustration that the council majority has been unwilling to consider the parking issues created and what rules should be established to protect R-1 neighborhoods from parking problems.

They also both support renter-relocation assistance and the study of rent-stabilization measures to address the skyrocketing costs of rental housing."

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Take the Traffic Pledge


Traffic congestion is a major issue for quality of life in Palo Alto.  Most of recent projects have focused too much on alternate modes of travel and too little on vehicle congestion.  While a noble goal, the result has been steady worsening of traffic.

Palo Alto has one of the highest commuting populations in the country and needs to adjust its policies accordingly.  

If re-elected, I pledge to do the following for the next two (2) years to help us catch-up:

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Who I am - Tom DuBois Bio

This interview by the Palo Alto Weekly captures some of my life that shaped who I am. I've had a rich life for which I am thankful.  Life experiences shape who we are and give us the wisdom we bring to everything we do, including the City Council.   We are shaped by the people in our lives, the places we've lived and the achievements we've had. 

The people in my life have made me who I am.  Both of my parents have been a huge influence and instilled me with a strong value system.  There are so many who've touched my life - my brother and sister, my teachers, boy scout leaders, coaches,  pastors, my colleagues and friends.

I've lived in a lot of places which gives me a broad perspective on the world.  I grew up in Ohio, lived all over the US and the World (Europe and Asia).  I've lived in Palo Alto longer than anywhere else.

I've consistently set goals for myself and held to a high standard - high school valedictorian, National Merit Scholar, triple major undgrad, Magna Cum Laude in grad school.  A successful high tech career - company founder,  entrepreneur and CEO with successful IPOs and acquisitions under my belt.  Most imortantly, I've been a dedicated father and family man and I care deeply about my community. 

If you want a sense of me as a person and my values, I'd say I have Midwest values and California dreams.  I hope you get a sense of who I am by watching this video. 


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Support Ada's Cafe

Head down to Ada's for a healthy and tasty breakfast or lunch.  If you haven't been, it's truly a wonderful place at the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center.  Ada's employs people with diabilities and is a community gem.






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Which Bay Area Cities Aren't Pulling Their Weight

In August, Palo Alto mayor Patrick Burt broke the internet when he argued that, as one way to combat the Bay Area’s housing crisis, the growth of jobs ought to be limited in his well-heeled South Bay city. "We're looking to increase the rate of housing growth, but decrease the rate of job growth," Burt told Curbed SF.

Turns out that Palo Alto, at a ratio of 0.82 housing units per jobs, is a little more balanced than the Bay Area as a whole. 

Read the story here

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