News You Can Trust

Very pleased to see the San Jose Mercury News endorsed me this morning!  Merc.png
I was endorsed along with Eric Filseth and Alison Cormac. You can read the full endorsement here.

Our area newspapers have interviewed us, analyzed our actions, and talked to members of the community and have all come to the same conclusion.  The Palo Alto Daily Post, the Palo Alto Weekly, Diana Diamond and now the Mercury News all agree.

palo_alto_matters.pngIn addition to all of these publications, we are blessed to have a very thoughtful and balanced local newsletter, Palo Alto Matters (click here to read).  While not making endorsements, their analysis is thorough and illuminating.  I urge voters to read their analysis and in depth review of the voting records of the three incumbents.  It paints an accurate picture of what actually happened these last four years, rather than storylines some try to paint.

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