Palo Alto Values?


Rarely have I seen a political hit piece so offensive in a local election.  

A local school board or city council is a non-partisan race and serving is an act of public service.

While I don’t agree with all of the 10 candidates running for City Council this year, I respect their willingness to serve.  Nearly all of them are Democrats but that shouldn’t matter - a local council is about positions on local issues that the voters care about.  That’s why party affiliations are not listed and it’s not a slate of Dems vs Republicans.  It's non-partisan. 

Personally,  I give candidates the benefit of the doubt that they have the best interests of Palo Alto voters in mind, until they tell me otherwise. For these people to run a piece that so clearly separates us, while proclaiming their own enlightenment and leadership, is profoundly ironic.

As I have followed the election, several candidates have in fact convinced me they don’t have the best interests of the voters in mind. 

The candidates above have deleted hateful postings they made or liked on Facebook and Twitter.   

In addition to these three, Rebecca Eisenberg has repeatedly called the men and women that make Palo Alto such a safe place, racist.  And Greg Tanaka has been disingenuous. His primary campaign achievements are chairing the Finance committee and an unverified claim of receiving the most endorsements.  What he fails to mention is that under his watch the Finance committee has only met three times and that nearly 85% of those that endorsed him in 2016 refused to do so in 2020. He appears to have gone out and sought endorsements from outside Palo Alto to distract from the defections.  

The reason I'm including Eisenberg and Tanaka long with the 3 in the ad is that all five candidates (Raven, Cari, Steven, Rebecca and Greg) pledged to eliminate single family neighborhoods in Palo Alto during endorsement interviews.  Euphemistically calling our homes “exclusionary zoning”, they seek to increase density everywhere in town. Anywhere, including next door to your house.  When asked in the Democratic party interviews they were very clear.  In public, some have been clear and others have been vague about their intentions within our neighborhoods.

“The ONLY candidates with Palo Alto Values”….this is a politics of anger and resentment, hidden from the voters who aren’t paying close attention. In private they are clear about their intention to dramatically reshape Palo Alto but in public they fall back to vague comments about gentle changes.  The rallying cry “defund the police” quickly changes its obvious meaning when questioned.  

We live in a time of politics of division.  In Palo Alto, we can and will do better.

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