In Memoriam: Ellen Wyman


The best part of running for city council, is you meet a lot of great people.   A friend was going to introduce me to Ellen in a couple of weeks, but sadly she passed away last Sunday.  So I never met her, but I've heard great things and was looking forward to it.  

Ellen's husband Tom passed away six months ago.  So in memory of the both of them, I thought I'd highlight some stories that show how important the Wyman's were to Palo Alto

This history from Midtown Residents gives you a great idea of the full life these two had.  From Alaska's first vote to Palo Alto in the sixties - it must have been a blast.   And they stayed active and engaged with Ellen on the League of Woman Voters, fighting the downtown Palo Alto Medical Clinic, pushing for the downtown development cap.  And then the working for our libraries - it's a shame they didn't see the opening of the new Mitchell park library.

The Wyman's were recognized for their contributions to our city.  I like the quote at the end of this article, talking about grassroots - "It's the way you get things done. You find an issue, find like-minded people, and discuss it."

And they stayed active.  Ellen's editorial on Lytton Gateway energizes me personally - the attitude she espouses is the reason I'm running for City Council - to protect our quality of life and  "Maintain the scale and character of the city. Avoid land uses that are overwhelming and unacceptable due to their size and scale."

We lost a good one. 


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