Endorsed by the Weekly

weekly_logo.gifI was endorsed for re-election by the Palo Alto Weekly on Oct 12.

My endorsement interview is here and a biographical interview can be seen here.

In endorsing the Weekly said: 

"In evaluating the other four candidates, we believe Filseth and DuBois best reflect the prevailing community concerns about the need for restrictive commercial growth measures; new housing development that is focused on below-market-rate, subsidized rental housing for service workers, seniors and low-income residents; and the implementation of policies that increase housing supply without exacerbating existing parking and traffic problems.

These two realize, as do most Palo Altans, that our past policies have worsened the jobs-housing imbalance and helped fuel increased housing costs: By allowing much more commercial development (which has spurred the need for housing) than housing development, the problem has only gotten worse with every approved project.

They have largely been in sync in supporting lowered commercial-growth caps and higher housing-impact fees on new development so that more funding is available for the development of subsidized housing. They both opposed the council's moves to eliminate the cap on non-residential development downtown from the Comprehensive Plan and to loosen the annual 50,000-square-foot office cap by allowing unused square footage to "roll over" from one year to the next.

Both DuBois and Filseth support the recent efforts to encourage the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to boost the inventory of small housing units but have expressed frustration that the council majority has been unwilling to consider the parking issues created and what rules should be established to protect R-1 neighborhoods from parking problems.

They also both support renter-relocation assistance and the study of rent-stabilization measures to address the skyrocketing costs of rental housing."

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