Endorsed by Palo Alto Daily Post


The Palo Alto Daily Post endorsed me for City Council on Monday, Oct 6th, saying of the non-incumbents running, only three were ready for primetime - Myself, Lydia Kou and Eric Filseth.

On Thursday, Oct 9th, the Post ran a follow-up article, using some of the information from the endorsement interviews.  The question was about Arastradero being narrowed from 2 lanes in each direction to 1 lane in each direction.  I've given this a lot of thought, as I've heard from residents on both sides of the issue.  I'd like to explore taking bikes off Arastradero completely and using a bike trail on the south side and Maybell and other roads to the north side.  Given the traffic funnelling through there, my intuition is we need to get bikes off that road and widen it back to where it was.