Re-Elect Tom DuBois for Palo Alto City Council


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We need a city government that works for ALL residents.


We need zoning that maintains the residential nature of our city.


We need efficiency and transparency in city government.



If Re-elected, my priorities will be:

Sensible development that benefits residents


  • Prioritize housing by focusing on leveraging government programs, developer fees, and implementing our Comprehensive Plan to increase our affordable (below market rate) housing.
  • Provide stronger protections for residents who are renters in multi-unit developments. Protect against unfair evictions and exorbitant rent hikes.  
  • Commit to 10% of our total housing inventory being for low and modest income residents (we are currently at 8%).
  • Support housing for moderate income workers who are vital to our community; teachers, nurses, public safety workers and others. 

Land Use and Zoning

  • Approve only high quality projects that improve Palo Alto.  New construction should conform with our 50 foot height limit, must have appropriate green setbacks from the street and fully address community impacts of how its occupants get to
    work  -- through a combination of adequate on-site parking, public transportation, enforced TDMs, and fair residential parking permit programs.
  • Reduce exceptions; zoning exceptions should be few.  PC Zoning is on hiatus - it should only be considered to support 100% below market rate housing.  Address problems with our review process that allows massive projects to stay in the pipeline far longer than they should.
  • Reduce the jobs-housing imbalance.  Convert office space to housing to improve supply and reduce demand simultaneously.  We should NOT make zoning exceptions to increase office space and we need an office cap that is meaningful.
  • Work to maintain Palo Alto's independence from state mandates and regional control as much as possible.  We need to collaborate regionally and have thoughtful development that takes into consideration our unique local conditions.  We must not trade away the beauty and livability of our city to meet regional growth pressures.  We should emphasize affordable housing. That an area where I will support more dense development, placed near walkable services and transit hubs.


  • We need to prioritize reduction of our traffic congestion. We need to improve vehicle flow on our major arterials, complete grade separations and expand our Smart Signals system.
  • Build off of our proven pilot downtown Transportation Management Association (TMA) successes to get more commuter cars off the road through ride sharing and more transit use. Have businesses fully fund these programs.  
  • Provide better transportation for all. Better walkability, bicycling, shuttle bus service and better vehicular flow. Include the community and neighbors in the designs of these changes. 
  • Better communication and less "agressive" design on Projects such as Ross Road bike boulevard.


  • Implement our leading Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (SCAP).
  • Move forward with a sustainable water supply through advanced water recycling in collaboration with the Santa Clara Valley Water District.
  • Complete the San Francisquito Creek flood protection project.
  • Update our parks for future needs and add neighborhood parkland as housing is added.  

Openness and Transparency

  • Enhance opportunities for meaningful public input on decisions that affect your lives.
  • Require clearer and more balanced staff reports
  • Use HARD data to inform decisions
  • Insist that cumulative impacts be considered when projects are proposed
  • Be vigilant against “closed door” meetings

Make sure the City and School District collaborate

  • Better collaboration and cooperation between the city and the school district is needed to protect our neighborhood schools. Our city's development and density choices have direct impacts on the quality of our schools and and the excellent education for our children.  My votes will be shaped by whether developments enhance our quality of life, and whether the schools will be overwhelmed by the pace of change.
  • Cubberley is a key resource not just for south Palo Alto, but the whole city.  I will build on the design work done by the Cubberley Community Action Committee – including underground parking, two story buildings for both a high school AND a community center.

Continue to Protect our local retail and small businesses

  • We need to zone for the future and ensure there are specific areas for retail to thrive in neighborhoods, downtown, California Avenue and along El Camino.
  • We need to attract and support locally owned, non-franchise businesses.

Productivity through Technology: Fiber to the Home

  • Palo Alto has proven it can serve the public well by running its own utilities, and High Speed Internet service should be a part of that.  High speed internet access built on the city's underutilized  fiber optic ring should be a key part of our city infrastructure.
  • We need to complete the Fiber Business Plan and bring fiber to the homes of all residents  either by the city or through public-private partnerships.  In the 21st century, information should be considered a basic utility.  Done right, broadband infrastructure can pay for itself, enable productivity through technology, reduce commuting and deliver revenue to the city.

I am eager to continue to serve the people of Palo Alto and excited about affecting positive change. I will dedicate myself to the balanced evolution of Palo Alto. I want this beautiful city to continue to be a place that people love to call home.

I ask for your support and your vote.  Thank you.