Tom DuBois Family Photo

About Me

My wife, Erina, and I live in Midtown with our two children who are currently attending Gunn High School and JLS Middle School.  While I focused primarily on work and family when my kids were young, now that they are older I have been able to become active in city politics.

I am a high tech entrepreneur with degrees in both engineering and business.  I have started and run several businesses as founder and CEO, including CEO of a data analytics company.  For the last several years, I have been a consultant to the video game industry in new product and new business development.

I have been an active volunteer in our schools as well as youth athletics, coaching soccer, baseball, and basketball for many years, eventually serving on the board of the Palo Alto Chapter of National Junior Basketball.  I’m also a supporter of the YMCA and a member of St Thomas Aquinas Church.

Why I’m running

I love Palo Alto.  We chose to live here because of the parks, the diversity, the small town feel, Stanford and the great schools.

I became very concerned about what I saw happening to Palo Alto several years ago.  I noticed lots of construction, often large projects which didn’t fit the surrounding neighborhoods.  Traffic had become noticeably worse.  Beloved retailers were closing their doors.  It was clear to me that overdevelopment was having long-term adverse effects on our quality of life especially with respect to the roads, parks and schools.  And I decided I wanted to get involved and stand up for kind of place in which I want to live.

I began talking to neighborhood leaders throughout the city.  I got involved in the “No on Measure D” campaign because of the flawed way that the city council had approved high density development in a residential neighborhood.  While I support senior housing, housing doesn’t always trump process.

Since then, I have been actively participating in the civic process by:

  • Attending City Council, Planning and Transportation Commission, and Architectural Review Board meetings; commenting where I think it’s appropriate.
  • Learning the complexities involved in a city the size of Palo Alto.
  • Helping to form Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning to focus on planning issues citywide,
  • Participating on the steering committee of Midtown Residents Association.
  • Working on the city’s citizen group for affordable housing and the 2014-2022 Housing Element.

This self-education and exposure has given me an understanding of the workings of the city that is necessary to represent you in city council. 

I view being a council member as public service.  I have no interest in higher public office.  My goal is to serve locally by putting the residents first.